LauraLaura Stephens is an author and counsellor/psychotherapist (MBACP Accredited), now based in Kent, having lived in Houston and Singapore.

She has published articles in The Telegraph and website, Tales from a Small Planet.

She writes to connect empathically, drawing on her experiences, particularly the challenging ones … The focus of her blog is personal transition – emotional or otherwise. You don’t need to be an expat to enjoy reading it.

AN INCONVENIENT POSTING, chronicles her personal journey into and out of an episode of depression while living abroad. Candid – sometimes humorous, Laura Stephens was inspired to write the memoir after finding herself wanting to read a personal account of someone else’s similar struggle. At the time, she could only find self help books … ‘Inconvenient’ also offers a useful Resources Section. Reviews of the book are available via the Menu.

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5 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Graham Voak says:

    Hi Laura, just to let you know I have joined your blog following. I look forward to reading it with interest. I trust life is treating you well. Graham xx

  2. Rita M. Gardner says:

    Whoops, I hit send before I could finish my email. Just wanted to say hello and that I just joined expat blog and interested in connecting with other expat memoirists! Rita

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